Preventive Maintenance, often abbreviated PM, refers to performing regular maintenance in order to prevent system problems. This is in comparison to a service call, diagnostic, or corrective maintenance, which is performed to correct an existing problem. A Preventative Maintenance plan includes all labor costs for maintaining  and servicing computer equipment and devices covered, during a specified time period. Our serice and maintenance contracts run annually beginning once an agreement is reached, and on the first date actual service is provided.


If you have ever owned or cared for a car then you know all about what preventive maintenance is. Oil changes, Rotating Tires, Tune-ups… you do that so your engine will last and you won’t have car troubles down the road. Your computer requires the same kind of maintenance the vehicle does. Computer and device vents and fans can become clogged with dust just as your air filters do in your car. Your computer can overheat similar to if you are running the  radiator in your car without water. Your hard drive or PC storage devices get clogged up with temporary files, useless data, and cookies in the same way that you need an oil change. You periodically need to clear files that are not being used or stored for a specific purpose off your system so your computer or device runs smooth and fast. The hardware inside your computer eventually wears out and needs replaced similar to your car, after the first year of ownership, components should be visually inspected and checked. You need to periodically clean your computer from minor malware, and viruses and may need to add more memory to the motherboard to improve your computers performance…. YESDifferent computers in different environments need different amounts of Care, and Preventative Maintenance.


Preventive Maintenance Saves Time:

Preventive maintenance procedures are quite simple and inexpensive  compared to unscheduled service calls, unplanned down time, and testing, troubleshooting, and repair procedures.

Preventive Maintenance Plans Save You Money:

How can spending money monthly cost me less in the long run? Avoiding problems will save you money compared to paying for new components or repeated repair jobs, or worse a NEW Computer! Normal maintenance can keep your old computer running as good as a new one … without having to buy a new one! You can pay a predetermined fee for Preventative Maintenance, compared to an undetermined amount of time (and Money!) for troubleshooting a computer at an hourly rate.

Preventive Maintenance Helps SafeGuard Your Data:

The data on the hard disk is more important than the hardware that houses it. If your computer crashed today…how would it affect your life (or Business) tomorrow? How much do you rely on your computer system to perform everyday activities? You would be surprised at home common computer use has become today in the average home. You don’t realize how much you rely on your computer until you have to go without it for any length of time. Try it your self… don’t check your E,Mail for one or two days….

Preventive Maintenance Helps Improve Performance:

Performance of your system will degrade over time. Preventive maintenance will help to improve the speed of your system in these respects, and keep your old computer running like a new one for a longer period of time


REQUIREMENTS FOR BUSINESS: (SCOPE OF OUR WORK)unless otherwise specified maintenance contracts are annual, and any work done here is completed twice a year approximately once every six months, although some services may be provided monthly, weekly, or …as needed depending on the service (See details below)

.1. (Once a year) Diagnose all Computer Hardware , CPU, RAM, Hard Drive, CD/DVD, VGA, PCI, DMA , Verify Correct Operating Temperatures! Recommend Hardware Replacement if necessary. Provide quote on hardware costs and the steps necessary to implement it. Hardware replacement may be a separate charge if warranty is expired. UNLESS OTHERWISE SPECIFIED , Hardware is only under warranty if purchased and installed by us, and fails or otherwise becomes defective within the warranty time period of the manufacturer.

(Once a year) Verify All Hardware Drivers are installed and up to date. (Video, Sound, Chipset, USB 2.0, Controllers , Network LAN, etc)


3. Review Server Error logs and address any issues that might cause a problem Review Event Viewer and Performance logs on Workstation PC’s. Notify owner or supervisor of unsafe practice.

Update and / or Upgrade hardware firmware , Firewall, Routers, CD/DVD, Etc.

Apply any critical service packs, Operating System updates and required software upgrades. Update: Adobe Reader, Java, Flash Microsoft Updates, and any Linux  OS or App updates! Install any recently purchased or acquired software packages.

Check UPS (Battery Backups) if available , Verify they still hold a charge and are functioning properly. Quote replacement if needed.

Remove Unnecessary startup items and clear Browsing and location, or Geolocation History in Web Browser (Any), or in any Apps. (This includes temp files, cookies, History, Saved Forms Data,  and Passwords)

Off Site backup of Important Data –Outlook (or Express) Email, Address Books, Important Document and Artwork Collections, Desktop Icons, Internet Explorer favorites and bookmarks, or Mozilla Firefox favorites or bookmarks in case of system failure, Google Docs, Linux files, OS etc.,. 10 GB of specific business data per pc or device can be safely archived and secured offline on our TB Backup servers automatically every day or once a week or month. Also CD/DVD media backups are optionally available for an additional fee of $3 per CD or $5 per DVD as needed. USB backups are available as well.

Flush DNS Resolver Cache and verify network security settings. Enforce WPA key encryption for routers or other encryption to maintain individual pc or device security. Update passwords required or router configuration as necessary to keep network secured.

10. Update Malware Removal Software , Virus, Spyware, Adware – IF no antivirus is installed, one commercial package must be purchased by the CLIENT (with a license for each PC or Device on the network). Additional A/V or Anti0Malware packages we may install at our discretion.

Schedule automatic Malware scans if available: Anti-Virus Apps, Spyware removal tools, Adware removal tools. Manually run at least one complete A/V – Malware Scan.

Review virus activity logs and warn customer of unsafe browsing behaviors, or software installations or conflicts that may cause problems.


13. Run Disk Cleanup, Defragment if necessary. ScanDisk, Automatic Updates, Check Full Hard Disk Volumes and other cleanup utilities to optimize system performance.

Optional: System Restore Point created after all maintenance is performed. (Windows XP and above, also setting up a operating system and file backup for any Linux or Android machines or devices is available upon request)

Check Printers , Print Test Page, verify ink levels and gather replacement part numbers for customer, and keep on file, as needed.

Verify Operating System updates and patches are up-to-date. If not, these are updated to the most current or secure version(s).

(Once a year) Perform Internal cleaning of computer components. CPU, Heatsinks, Fans, and Vents. Ensure Proper Cooling inside the Case. Check Fans and vents.

(As Needed) Consult with Internet Service Providers on behalf of the Client(s) technical matters when requested by client, to resolve an internet or extranet related problem.

(As Needed) Consult with Client(s) about upgrade possibilities, advancements in technology, and upcoming events in the computer Industry.

20. (As needed)” Answer technical questions the client, or clients employees may have.


Generally we charge $100 a year per pc or device that you would like to have covered under this maintenance plan. Coverage includes the setup and regularly scheduled annual and monthly maintenance only, and guarantees that any necessary repairs are billed at the flat rate of $30.00 / Hour for labor plus any necessary expenses.

For any items not covered under this service agreement diagnostic and repairs are billed at $120.00 per hour plus expenses. Terms are net 30 for any repairs amounts billed for travel, services, supplies or spare parts, and we reserve the right to charge an 8% late fee, compounded monthly, for any bills accrued that are not paid within 30 days. We may also suspend any maintenance and repair services until late accounts, or delinquent repair bills, are paid in full.

We’ll make every effort to just be awesome, however we expect our clients to match that energy! Most of our maintenance services are conducted discretely using remote systems management software, network tools, and applications specifically designed to monitor and maintain the health of computers and devices. We’ll generally use these tools after normal business hours to ensure your network of computers is completely available to you during normal business hours. We may from time-to-time request that your computers and network remain on after hours, and we may also request one of your employees be available during normal business hours to observe or provide feedback on specific maintenance and diagnostic tasks that are underway. If, for any reason, it becomes necessary for us to send out a representative because no employee is available, we reserve the right to bill at the flat rate of $30.00 / Hour for labor plus expenses.

Expenses may include, but are not limited to, spare parts, any new tools or software necessary to complete repair or maintenance, travel, lodging, and meals.


Fill in this linked form and then submit it to us, and one of our representatives will call or email you back to setup an appointment.

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